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Spreedly is growing fast. We’re looking for an experienced, “digital first” revenue-driven marketer. If you love to plan, execute, and measure great B2B marketing programs then we should talk!

You’ll join a collaborative organization where sales, success, and marketing are true partners. You will focus on identifying new opportunities for building and running programs that advance prospects to close and upsell. And you’ll be a key part of our drive to create a community of payments technologists.  

Are you a Digital-First Marketer?

As a well-rounded marketer, you bring a wealth of skills to the table. Great writing and messaging capabilities among them. But there’s a key attribute that separates you from other marketers. You bring an incredible focus on automation and digital tools. You recognize the scalability that comes from tooling and you want to identify opportunities for building, measuring, and refining digital-first strategies.

You likely follow marketing blogs and podcasts to get the latest on marketing tools. But at the same time, you are discerning: tools and automation must serve the greater marketing strategy. And more automation is only effective when paired with that strategy.

Why You’ll Succeed in this Role

If you enjoy being focused with clear measures of success. If you want to be a part of an incredible culture in a fast-growing company. And if you are excited about the opportunities in the FinTech space, this could be the right role for you!

You’re bright, inquisitive, and comfortable marketing to developers and senior technical leaders through multi-channel programs. You take an account-based, sales-driven approach to your marketing thinking. An approach that rewards focus over broad nets.

You’ll excel at this role if you’re comfortable speaking to technical audiences and communicating a technical offer succinctly. If you have a strong aptitude for understanding and relating technical topics, you’ll succeed here.

What We Do

Spreedly helps fast-growing e-commerce services to innovate and deliver a great customer experience. Our platform enables payments applications to secure customer account data and transact with virtually any payment endpoint worldwide. That helps businesses to launch and expand commerce services to the markets they target.

Join a rapidly-growing company with outstanding product-market fit. Our customers are passionate supporters of Spreedly as we help them to innovate and dramatically expand their transactions.

Critical Skills Needed

  • Marketing Applications Managements: You have substantial experience managing digital marketing tools — marketing automation, CRM, and other related applications. Plus, you’re comfortable in analytics tools and marketing operations actions like connecting data sources or triggering automations. 
  • ABM: You know the value of focus, and that’s why account-based marketing is a key part of your skillset.
  • Technically proficient: You don't need to know how to code, but you enjoy working with and learning about technology. And you are comfortable messaging to technical audiences.
  • Previous Marketing experience: You must have a minimum of 4 years experience in a marketing position, preferably in the SaaS and/or Fintech space.

Core Skills Needed

  • Great writing skills: You love to write and can quickly use our messaging framework and tone to build compelling content that our prospects value. Plus, you can apply your inbound skills to build content that draws in traffic like a magnet!
  • Metrics-driven: You think the marketing as art vs. science debate is old news. It’s both. That’s why it’s so important to build creative programs that resonate with our audience. And to measure and improve them along the way.
  • Enjoy complexity: People build really exciting, complex payment systems on top of Spreedly. It's challenging to learn and get up to speed. That needs to motivate you, not intimidate you.
  • Team player: No hoarding. Work and support your peers within sales and across Spreedly in general.
  • Creative: Be open to trying new things. Suggest ways we could be doing things better. Understand what you do better than anyone else and bring that skill to Spreedly.
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Top 3 Desired Skills

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    Search Engine Optimization
  • digital-growth-hacking.svgA skill svg icon
    Digital/Growth Hacking
  • inbound-marketing.svgA skill svg icon
    Inbound Marketing

Digital First Marketing, Marketing Automation

Top 3 Desired Tools

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Benefits & Perks

  • Life, AD&D, and long-term disability insurance
  • Yearly paid professional development
  • Company sponsored 401k
  • 12 weeks paid family leave
  • Paid lunches on in-office days
  • Tuesday/Thursday in-office days- the rest of the week employees are free to work wherever they choose
  • Open PTO policy
  • Outstanding medical and dental benefits (we pay 100% of monthly premiums for employees + families)
  • Competitive salary + equity package
  • We wanted to build a company that reflected our ideal of balancing work greatness with life greatness.
  • We build great software that our customers love. And we’re in the incredibly exciting, high-growth Financial Technology (Fintech) space – think Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.

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