Executive Storyteller

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Last Updated Nov 29, 2018
Senior Level | W2 | On-Site | Full-Time



Looma believes that the most powerful way to drive a purchase is to tell a story. We’re building a nationwide network of At-Shelf Maker Stories, comprised of tablets in grocery stores that play short videos about the humans behind our products. The goal of our films is simple: we want to capture and share stories of people who love what they do, driving emotional affinity for both vendor and venue. Ultimately, our vision for the maker story platform is to replicate the communal feel of a farmers’ market through a scalable channel that merges the online and offline experience.

Position Description

The Executive Storyteller is ultimately responsible for all content aired on our platform. Looma’s maker stories present a unique challenge in that they are designed to embody a very particular filmmaking style, yet they must be distinct from one another. It is the Executive Storyteller’s job to craft a content strategy that flourishes in this tension. Key responsibilities include managing our content guidelines, developing a nationwide network of micro-documentary style filmmakers, and overseeing our team of Story Success Managers.


  • Passionate about finding and telling stories of people who love what they do
  • Warm and winsome, with a miraculous ability to win over key partners
  • Able to articulate business value in a clear, compelling fashion
  • Operationally excellent – able to oversee production of hundreds of films per year
  • Obsessed with delivering phenomenal user experiences


  • Manage master content guidelines and master campaign schedule
  • Split master content guidelines into sub-guidelines that vary by retailer, product category, etc.
  • Recruit and manage nationwide network of micro-documentary style filmmakers
  • Develop system for pairing brand partners to filmmakers
  • Oversee team of Story Success Managers to assist brand partners with story strategy and production timelines
  • Design and operate experiments to test the impact of particular story variables on consumer behavior
  • Work with Story Analytics team to build AI-driven content guidelines


  • Understands target audience – both consumers and CPG brands
  • Deep project management experience, preferably in film production
  • Superb writer & proofreader
  • Experience with grocery an unlikely but welcome bonus

Structure & Compensation

The Executive Storyteller role is a full-time position for which we expect the market salary to be $80k - $140k. Looma anticipates cash compensation for this position to fall between $70k - $95k, and the balance will be paid in stock options.

Looma’s General Hiring Philosophy

While we expect serious candidates to be a strong match for this job description, Looma fundamentally believes that culture is the strongest predictor of success for a startup. As such, we hire first for culture and second for aptitude. Strong contributors to Looma’s culture will exhibit the following characteristics:

  1. Humility
  2. Integrity
  3. Wisdom
  4. Emotional Intelligence
  5. Grit
  6. Joyfulness
  7. Fun
The company Benefits and Perks will carry over into the job post.

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